The Math Behind Disney


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Have You Seen This? The math behind Disney animation
By Josh FurlongNovember

SALT LAKE CITY — Disney’s newest animation creation “Frozen” hits theaters on Thanksgiving, and it looks to be a cute story.

The animation involves a lot of snow — hence the name frozen. I assumed — wrongly — Disney animators just drew up some cool scenes and put together a cool story, but apparently it takes a lot more logic and math than I was expecting.

Disney Animation released a YouTube video describing the different properties of snow and how they use algorithms to replicate said properties in animation — stay with me.

If you can get past the math — just assume they know what they’re talking about — the visuals are actually pretty cool and it’s interesting to see the actual math behind the animation. It makes Photoshop seem so amateur.

So the next time you’re watching your favorite animated movie from Disney, remember there is more math that goes into it than just brilliant animators — it just means they’re more than artists.

My next question: Can Buzz Lightyear actually fly?